WinterRose (winterroseasfr) wrote in whedontrack_dc,

Our thank you bumper for the WhedonVerse Track for 2012

Hi!  You guys may remember us as the couple that proposed up in the peachtree ballroom of the westin during Buffy Horror at DragonCon 2012.  I did it in the style of a DCTV bumper where I was actually proposing to Jenn from the wedding itself a year in the future.  We really wanted to come to Buffy Horror at this year's DragonCon.  We had you guys in our thoughts.  But our marriage was DURING Buffy Horror up in Marietta at the Strand Theater

Anyway, we made another bumper to thank you for all your kindness and awesome in 2011 so you could run it at Buffy Horror this year.  Alas, my USB key never made it to the powers that be, and it didn't get run.  I still wanted you to be able to see it, and thank you so much for being so nice and cool to us.  This was done for all of you.

Tags: whedonverse
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