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AVENGERS BALL!! Request time.

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Track Director here.

It's time for you to put in your two cents about the music we're going to dance to at the Avengers Ball.

The ball is currently scheduled for FRIDAY night at 8:30pm (subject to change, though unlikely). We are going to start the night off with the '40s. Some of the fabulous cosplayers at the convention will appear as Captain America and the USO Girls.

Time will gradually move forward toward modern time and modern music... like a musical time lapse camera. The beginning of the night will be swing music and standards and we'll close off the night with the Avengers dancing to everything from One Direction to Macklemore.

If you would like to request some music for the ball DO IT HERE. You just need to know the song title, artist, and the year the song was released.

We are going to be playing the music from the '40s to start with and work our way mostly chronologically to present day. SO if you love the oldies, come early. If you like more modern tunes, stop by a little later.

We are mostly updating on Twitter and Facebook these days so follow us there if you want to keep updated.
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